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We all hold within us a resource of wisdom, hope, inner peace, and the capacity to change. My goal is to guide you to connect to your authentic self, to become more exuberant, empathic, secure, and self-assured in times of stress. These tools allow you to make permanent changes in your life that can lead to emotional resilience, better health, and increased well-being.

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Meditation and Three-Part Breath
Create a daily practice:  Set aside 15-20 minutes a day, preferably in  the same location each time, same time of day. Sit in a comfortable position (with spine straight).  Eyes may be open, but are best closed.
Practice Safe Stress
Use the acronym NURSE to remember to do self care. We all need to learn to practice self care in order to be healthy and be a healing source in the world. Use this simple technique to maintain your healthy lifestyle:
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